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Testimonial 1

Dear Dr. Orbay,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the effective health care extended to me by yourself. Whether it’s been a relatively minor issue or one of a somewhat more serious nature, I’ve always appreciated the calm manner and thorough explanations that have accompanied the varied treatments. I think that health care should always be rendered in such a caring and warm environment as found in your office (but often isn’t).

I would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends or customers and wish you continued success.


~ [Former] Owner of Rainbow Foods – Ottawa’s oldest health food store

Testimonial 2

For years I suffered from a severe case of psoriasis and low platelet count resulting in low energy levels. I consulted with dermatologists and hematologists to no avail. I was given medication to try to alleviate the symptoms; however, the side-effects from the medication were often worse than the symptoms.

I decided to go a different avenue and turned to naturopathy. After consulting with Dr. Orbay my psoriasis cleared up. My mental focus is at a high peak and my energy level skyrocketed. I am a happy-go-lucky person now who takes control of her life, sets goals, and achieves them.

Thank you Dr. Orbay for providing me with the necessary tools to gain a positive outlook on life. You have given me the key to unlocking all the doors of opportunity that exist out there. I stepped out of the darkness and seen the light!

~ NP

Testimonial 3

Dr. Orbay initiated a program of Live Blood Analysis and has been successful in tracking the improvement in the quality of my red blood cells under his health care. He initiated a treatment program leading to a marked improvement in the health of my bone marrow which, in turn has led to hematological improvements (noted by a hematology medical specialist to whom I had been referred by my physician).

When I incurred a pulmonary infection, Dr. Orbay immediately initiated a successful treatment.

Dr. Orbay initiated a program to maintain [normal] blood pressure. This is an ongoing program that is proving successful. Having developed arteriosclerosis, Dr. Orbay has developed a multifaceted program to maintain and improve circulation.

I have had an enlarged prostate gland for many years, receiving numerous healthcare treatments from physicians and medical specialists. Following early notice of this condition Dr. Orbay initiated treatment. It is ongoing and complements the healthcare from my medical practitioners.

A matter particularly satisfying for me is Dr. Orbay’s attention to health issues that trouble me and I have found his advice and solutions have been the basis of my continuing good health and high energy level.

~ GW

Testimonial 4

It was with great surprise that I found myself in hospital with a severe case of cellulitis in my right leg. The night before I had experienced chills and shaking which I had attributed to a case of the flu. The tender reddish spot near my ankle spread upward to my knee. My leg became very swollen and started to ooze a yellowish liquid. The doctors said I was a very sick woman, my temperature high with an equally high white blood cell count. My diagnosis was a strep infection and a course of strong antibiotics was ordered intravenously for the next 15 days. My body started to respond and my vital signs had normalized and swelling reduced, I left hospital returning daily for continuing intravenous treatments for the next two weeks.

Now I was at home. Where was I to go from here? The doctors had successfully “put out the fire” so to speak, but now I was on my own. A visit to my family doctor showed that I was not ready to return to work. Indeed I still could not put the full weight of my foot down, the swelling wasn’t gone nor was the redness of the skin. How could I be sure this wouldn’t happen again?

This is when I sought the help of Dr. Mark C. Orbay, my Naturopath. Dr. Orbay gave me meds to boost my immune system, balance the digestive system – essential to counter the effects of the antibiotics, and meds to promote healing and prevention of the reoccurrence of the infection. I am very thankful to Dr. Orbay that my leg is now strong, the swelling gone and the skin just the faintest hint of redness. I feel I have come a long way and know this would not be so without his help.

~ EH

Testimonial 5

Of course, Mark Orbay has been instrumental in the progress I have made. At the outset he provided not only invaluable advice in implementing a weight loss regimen, but also in helping me set and expand upon my goals and objectives. I personally have appreciated Mark’s consistent optimism and encouragement: always a boost to my motivation. As a result of Mark’s care, I have managed to avoid both influenza and colds despite being repeatedly exposed. My knee has responded exceptionally well to Mark’s treatment and I am now pain free. In summary, my weight is now under control and I am continuing to learn to eat in a much healthier manner. My general health is excellent and I have a great deal of vitality. I couldn’t be more impressed or satisfied.

~ GM

Testimonial 6

Dear Dr. Orbay,

I want to thank you for making my month of May in Europe a disease-free one, and for keeping me healthy in general with your choices of medications that are natural. Two weeks in Spain, but also 2 weeks in France and 5 days in London would have been more challenging for me at the age of 69, were it not for a steady diet of naturopathic vitamins. In France, we studied French in the morning, then walked 5-10 kilometers a day through 7 museums and 5 churches, took a full day cooking class and walked many times along the Seine. Thank you so much for your thoughtful care,


~ LS, from Toronto

Testimonial 7

I kept getting dizzy spells and finally went to see various doctors. I saw several specialists, had an MRI and blood tests done and all came back negative at which point I concluded that modern medicine could not help me. After seeing Mark during a 3 month period, taking the various natural medicines he prescribed me and most of all following his general advice on food intake, and activity levels, my dizziness symptoms started to disappear. Thank you Mark!!

~ A satisfied patient

Testimonial 8

For the first seven to eight months of 2010 I suffered from a severe bout of arthritis that caused virtually every part of my body to ache. For example, I was only able to turn over in bed by incremental twists of my entire body and getting out of bed required rocking on my bottom. Visits to Dr. Orbay included a number of sessions where mild pressure was applied to various parts of my body. In addition, recommendations were made regarding some foods to be avoided. A number of naturopathic medications were prescribed and the regime for their consumption was and is continuously followed by me. Beyond this, I was advised to drink many glasses of water a day and walk more than had been my habit. By the end of the summer I had recovered so much mobility that I booked myself on a two week tour of Eastern Europe for the last week of September and the first week of October. That tour confirmed that I was ninety percent cured. I walked miles over cobblestoned streets and climbed up and down innumerable castle steps! I would now consider myself to be almost as mobile as I was before the onset of this debilitating attack of arthritis. An example of my mobility is the fact that I can climb stairs without the need of a railing and drive myself long distances such as Toronto for Christmas.

~ LL

Testimonial 9

Dr. Orbay,

I speak to my father every day and the progress is nothing short of amazing. Each day his strength is improving and so is his overall attitude and disposition. The progress is quite staggering since only six weeks ago my father could not walk to the elevator on his floor in his apartment.

The BEST news of all is that last Friday, was the first day or so that my father was able to get up in the morning, go downstairs and drive himself to the grocery store, do his groceries, then drive himself to the shopping mall to do his errands. He then went to get a car wash and the automatic car was not open so he went to one of those car washes that you have do it yourself and he did. Oh my goodness!! He then came home… put the groceries away and then went for a walk outside. It was a short one but this is just short of incredible. He has not walked outside for months. He then proceeded to go out again the following day. He does not have a lack of confidence on his feet and most of this was done without a cane. This is not on purpose… he simply forgot the cane when he left the apartment. My father says that he finally feels like his old self again and it is wonderful to say the least. I assume that none of this is a surprise to you but even with my 100% conviction in naturopathic and homeopathic medicine I am truly amazed at his progress!! He is back to being independent and confident and this is such as a relief.

My father has been following your recommended regime to the letter of the law and this is just GREAT. He did mention that the only disadvantage about working with you is that he had not planned on living until 120! I look forward to my father seeing you and the results from the food allergy testing. Thank you again for all your help and professionalism. It truly has been life changing for my father and hence all of our family.
With great respect and gratitude,

~ CJ

Testimonial 10

Dr. Mark Orbay,
It’s hard to believe that I’ll have been your client for almost 4 years, I use the term “client” as I consider you a health practitioner rather than an ill-health one, for which I would use the designation “patient”. That being said, I thought I’d send you some of what I consider the high points of our association.

For more than 20 years, I had back problems which necessitated chiropractic treatments every 3 weeks. If I delayed longer, I would suffer. At my first appointment, you described what naturopathy was all about, including talking of a “gentle” treatment, the Bowen treatment, and I signed on. You started with 3 treatments, a week apart and then left future frequency up to me. I must admit that, with the first treatment, I was very sceptical. However, I persevered and was pleasantly surprised that the positive results were lasting, and, as I recall, I didn’t have another treatment for at least 4 months. Since then I think I only have 3, or at most 4, a year.

For as long as I can remember, my medical doctors have been aware that I had a higher than optimal blood sugar level, which could, at some point indicate a diabetic condition. At my annual medical check-up, my blood sugar level was 7.2 and the doctor recommended I go on a prescription medication to bring it down. I requested that he first allow me to check with you to determine if there was a naturopathic alternative to the pharmaceutical option. He agreed and you put me on a regime that brought my blood sugar level down to around 5.5

Many years ago, I don’t remember how many, my then M.D. prescribed the drug Adalat to control potential high blood pressure and it has been continuously prescribed ever since. I asked you if there was a naturopathic alternative and you said “yes, but“ you were precluded from taking me off any medication prescribed by an M.D. I requested my M.D.’s agreement but was denied. On subsequent visits to my M.D., I repeated my request and in the fall of 2007 he finally gave in. However, he insisted that I have frequent monitoring. I agreed and bought a home monitoring unit. Since then I take my pressure every morning, record all the readings and forward a weekly report of them to you. Once the M.D.’s consent was obtained, you put me on your regime and there was a notable drop in my daily pressure readings. They are now, a year later, stabilised at a systolic reading in the low 120’s.

This past summer I read that the ideal weight for my height/sex/age was 135 lbs. I was fluctuating from 155 to 160. I considered 25 to30 lbs. was too much of a weight loss for me but that I would like to lose 10 to 15. You recommended a program, which I followed. I lost 10 lbs, and 2 inches from my waist and I wasn’t hungry a single day. To date I’ve kept those lbs. off without any problem.

At my age, 88, I thought I should give you some written acknowledgement of the real debt I owe you and your naturopathic skills in keeping me in good health which I enjoy.


~ MW

Testimonial 11

In my opinion Dr. Mark Orbay is a highly skilled and accomplished practitioner of Naturopathy. I was a patient of his in 2015 and 2016 and received excellent care and results from his treatments. Always happy and positive, he is also very sincere, and a caring human being. I always looked forward to my appointment – his optimism is contagious.


~ SM

Testimonial 12

As you know, the previous time I was peacekeeping in Sudan, I had more or less continuous intestinal problems (mild diarrhoea) and I had some concerns about a balanced diet given the general lack of clean fruits and vegetables. You prescribed probiotics and supplements to address the absence of clean fruit and vegetables. I bought enough for about 4 months and decided to hold off on them until I was in the more remote parts of Sudan. After a severe bout of diarrhea, I started the regime. The probiotics was a surprisingly quick remedy for traveller’s diarrhea. I recommended the probiotics to a RCMP officer who had been suffering for several days. She also recovered overnight. So I can (and did) recommend it as an effective alternative to CF issue self-prescribed antibiotics often used by CF soldiers (more typically in Afghanistan). The supplements were also effective as I was in much better general health on my second tour. Some of this can be ascribed to better living conditions, but I believe that some of this can also be attributed to a better balanced diet due in part to the supplements.

~ DC

Testimonial 13

I originally went to Dr. Orbay for digestive problems. I had no idea the impact of his treatments would have on the rest of my life. The biggest change I’ve noticed is the increase in my energy levels. With a boring office job, I thought it was normal to have a mid-afternoon slump. This does not have to be the case however. A month after my first appointment, my energy levels were consistently steady and high throughout the day, leading to a noticeable increase in my productivity. While it is nice to stay awake at work, more exciting for me is how this has affected my training. As an endurance mountain bike racer, I follow an intense training program and I’ve noticed a huge increase in my performance. I’m strong for the complete duration of my rides now and my recovery has improved allowing me to ride more often.

~ TH

Testimonial 14

“I’m sure my poor knee is going to be traumatized by it all, feeling like it’s been hit by a Mack truck” was the way I described my upcoming partial knee replacement surgery to Dr. Mark Orbay, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. I had started seeing Doctor Orbay to deal with a problem I’d been having with agitated muscles keeping me awake at night. During the course of his treatments he also was helping me prepare my body for my upcoming knee surgery. His response to my statement about the Mack truck accident was a wake-up call, a reminder of something that I had forgotten. He explained that my knee replacement surgery was not going to be anything like a tragic accident and that the language we use can create the healing environment for our bodies. In fact my knee replacement was elective and he suggested that perhaps I should be using language that was more consistent with my knee looking forward to being healed and healthy once again. And that is exactly what I did from that point onwards. In fact just prior to surgery when the surgeon put his initials on the knee that I was to be operated on I said lightly to him that my knee actually had a smiling face on it, even though he couldn’t see it, that it was smiling and embracing this surgery and looking forward to being healed. That was how I embraced my surgery and it was the most amazing experience – I had no pain after the surgery and it recovered far faster than my other knee which had undergone the same surgery just 2 years prior. I am grateful to Dr. Orbay for reminding me that we do have a say in how our bodies heal.

Testimonial 15

Doctor Orbay has been treating me for osteoporosis for the past 4 years. I am delighted to report that my bone density has reversed to “healthy normal” once again – thanks to Mark and his truly holistic approach! I have referred many (satisfied) patients and clients to Dr. Orbay, and will continue to do so with pleasure.

~ PL, Reflexologist

Testimonial 16

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how successful your treatment plan for me has been. Prior to the plan (for the past 16 years), I was always lethargic and in constant pain from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. I never was able to follow an exercise program or begin a healthy eating style. Since we put a plan in place the pain has been significantly reduced, my energy has increased, and I have been motivated to work on improving my lifestyle through a regular exercise routine. I have lost 25 lbs since working together with you. The combination of changes has helped to make life more meaningful. However, while on holidays in Mexico and over the Christmas season I did not follow the plan and suffered a relapse. I once again returned to the treatment plan and within a couple of days felt significantly better. Thank you for helping me be able to enjoy life again!

~ EB